Green Telecom has developed a class leading USSD Application server and offers USSD development at an affordable cost. USSD or Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (i.e. *xxx*xx#) is a live two way interaction service that allows you to display a menu on a user’s handset and enables the user to interact with this menu. USSD is not device dependent and can be operated without any form of activation taking place.

Effortless Integration

We have made it easy for any web developer to generate and serve USSD Menus within minutes. Our shared USSD codes are provisioned immediately on request.

Real-time Analytics

We have built robust analytics into our USSD platform to help you monitor the uptake of your USSD applications in real time.

High Capacity

Our USSD gateway is build to handle thousands of concurrent requests at any one time using the latest in asynchronous web technologies.

Robust Dashboards

We provide web-based dashboards with logs of all your transactions. All logs are indexed for quick retrieval, which should help you build, support and monitor your applications.

Extensive Support

Our extensive customer support is always available to help you build and support your USSD applications. We also manage all the telco relationships so that you do not have to.

Flexible Pricing

Choose between pre-paid and post-paid billing options, depending on your business needs. You can also start with our shared USSD service code to scale costs as your business grows.

Use Cases

Mobile users in Africa are highly sensitized to USSD workflows. That, and its universal nature, makes for compelling use cases.

Query Services

Give anyone with a feature phone access to structured information from your application with USSD menus. The interactive nature means you can layer authentication and leading questions to deliver the right information.

Data Collection

USSD is universally accessible on any mobile phone. This makes it a powerful tool for data collection. The session-based nature of USSD apps also make them better suited for structured surveys than SMS-based solutions.

User Registration

USSD Codes are only 3 digits long. This makes them powerful marketing tools for leading users to your services. Coupling USSD with other services (such as SMS or Voice) can greatly enhance the customer on-boarding experience.

Advantages Of USSD

  • USSD can be used for surveys, competitions, mobile payment solutions and lead generation
  • USSD content can be personalized and responses can be obtained in real time
  • Most people accept visual information better than audio information
  • USSD works practically on all GSM standard telephones regardless the manufacturer and date of issue
  • User-friendly: it is easier to send USSD message than to write and send SMS
  • More interactivity as compared to SMS:
    • a subscriber immediately sees the answer on his phone screen
    • an organization of easy dialogues for the subscriber (communication sessions)
  • A possibility for portal structure building (that is practically impossible for SMS)
  • USSD portal structure is easily remembered by subscribers
  • Various billing methods: per-click billing, rating for menu and submenu entering, rating for choosing a specific service, rated MT SMS
  • Free-of-charge in roaming.
  • Fault Tolerance and Productivity
  • System modules can work in parallel or in mutual exclusion mode.
  • Automatic switching to standby server in case of failover
  • No single point of failure

Scaling Out

We will consult with you, design and develop your application, integrate to your backend, apply for and activate your USSD code and manage and monitor the service for you.