Short Codes

Short codes are a premium virtual number service, often used in large scale or direct response adverts where speed and convenience are key. They are short in nature and much easier to remember than a typical 11 digit number. Short codes are a great way to increase participation for call-to-actions featured on marketing materials and branded company collateral like brochures, ad-signs and banners.

  • Premium Service
  • Stand out from your competitors
  • Short Memorable
  • Perfect for direct response advert

Virtual Number

A Virtual Number is a Phone Number that can be used for SMS or MMS messaging, and belongs to only one account. Think of a virtual number as your own special unique code that customers and employees can get to know you by, that no one else can send from. Aside from the beneficial impact of having your very own custom number to send messages to clients from, a dedicated number is an essential component in 2-way SMS communication, providing you with the ability to connect directly with your customers, and have the confidence that their message will get back to you.

Why Choose A Virtual Number?

Provisioning a virtual number offers you a direct and personalised way of contacting your customers, with the added flexibility of using advanced features including keywords and message triggers to automate your SMS campaigns


Setting up a dedicated number allows you to use a consistent Sender ID for all messages sent from your Green Telecom account. Advertise the number either online or offline to grow your mobile database with user-initiated engagement.


Scheduling appointments or confirming shift rosters can be performed automatically by programming your dedicated number to respond intelligently to set keywords. This reduces management overhead and improves the experience received by your staff.

Campaign & Promotions

Use your dedicated virtual number as a consistent Sender ID when broadcasting 2-way marketing campaigns to your customer base. This will generate greater loyalty and engagement, while streamlining opt-out replies for automatic capture and removal from the contact manager of your Green Telecom account

Inbound Manager

All of your incoming SMS can be accessed and managed in your Green Telecom account, forwarded to an email address or pushed through an API. Simply set your dedicated virtual number as the preferred Sender ID for your Green Telecom account and all messages will be sent through this number by default.


Setup and use custom triggers or keywords to automate your SMS workflow by creating dynamic and naturally flowing mobile conversations with your customers

CRM Integration

Connect your dedicated number with your existing CRM or ERP solutions. Simply use your dedicated virtual number as the sender ID when sending from SMS compatible software, and Green Telecom will route message replies back into your application.

How It Works


Given that virtual numbers are only associated with a single account, this also means that it can be used more flexibly than shared numbers can.

It can be used in advertising and anyone with that number can send a message directly.

Dedicated virtual numbers can also be used in combination with keywords to perform special functions that are not normally available using the Green Telecom shared pool number.

Text In

Virtual numbers are not limited to being used for receiving only replies to SMS: anyone can send an SMS directly to a dedicated number, and the message will display immediately in your account.

Dedicated virtual numbers come in two types, short codes (e.g. 15XXX) or long codes (full-length mobile numbers e.g. 0788 XXX XXX.)

Carrier support for different types of dedicated numbers varies by country.