Music Solution

Engage Your Fans

Our mobile application platform allows you to control your mobile apps on-the-fly, sharing exclusive news with your fans, sending targeted push notifications, and rewarding your most engaged users with exclusive content or prizes. Intellectsoft’s platform will help you make your branded mobile application a digital arena that unites fans around the world.

  • Special Offers
  • Exclusive News
  • Rewards
  • Notifications
  • Geolocation

Build Your Community

Build your community and increase turnout at your shows by communicating directly with your fans and making it easier for them to talk amongst themselves—all in one place. Live stream your shows or Q&A sessions, start discussions in the in-app chatroom, help your fans share their experiences via social media, and share your tour information

  • Map & Tour Dates
  • Live Streaming
  • Social
  • Chat

Analyze And Monetize

Turn your fan engagement into an additional revenue stream. Our mobile platform allows you to integrate your eCommerce store into the app, share your music from Spotify or Apple Music, and create multiple user tiers with paid subscriptions. Additionally, you may use the analytics of your fanbase to discover hotspots and plan your tours

  • Music Streaming
  • eCommerce intergration
  • Actionable Analytics
  • Subscription Classes