About Us

Company Profile

Telecom Installations, Managed Services and ICT Partner
  • Founded by industry experts Green Telecom Limited is in existence from 2013 and is run by management with over 35 years of industrial experience.
  • We provides Telecom Services - RBS, MW, MUX, FTTH other Radio and Transport equipment integration and implementation services.
  • Green Telecom specializes both in wired and wireless communication networks, in infrastructure build & fast network-rollout, IT and solution.
  • Green Telecom has wide experience in Project Management, execution and Sourcing in IT/Telecom sector in East Africa and have a record of efficiently catering to the unique demands of diverse clients across continents.
  • We provide necessary resources and support required by organizations to expand their licensing and subscription business.
  • From basic switching/routing to software-defined networking, we also provide a International private lease circuit for end to end data backhauling capacity in SDH. Green Telecom has solutions to meet the requirements of companies of all sizes.

Why Us?

Telecom Installations, Managed Services and Major Hardware Supplier
  • Flexibility: We can create tailor made projects for the quality and time you seek within your budget. Dedicated Resource or Shared Resource as per the network needs.
  • Integration: We aim at completing multi-disciplinary tasks and providing value added services through our in-house expertise. Our Engineers has expertise in Active as well as Passive elements. Our Engineers are multitasked hence resource and time saving.
  • Geography: Well Versed Geographical knowledge of Rwanda as we are working in the country from 2012 . It helps in identifying the locations , its concerns & adept for the same.
  • Quality: We follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and trained on Safety perspectives.
  • Experience: We are highly experienced in Telecom Cell Sites maintenance and Optical Fiber Cable networks.
  • Professionalism: Honed by continual improvement programs, our professional services are maintained at high standards for customer satisfaction.
  • Manpower: Our teams with their unique blend of knowledge, enthusiasm and ambition have turned our company the forerunner in the industry
  • Capability: We execute our projects successfully in stipulated time frame as per the defined SLAs and excel customer expectation