Mobile Money


Mobile Money is a highly effective means of facilitating secure electronic transactions in both developed and developing markets. The GreenTel's Mobile Money solution includes a wide range of mobile money services for:

  • Mobile Network Operators/Telcos
  • Financial Institutions
  • Retail

Currently there are more people in the world with a mobile phone than a bank account. GreenTel's Mobile Money solution connects service providers and end users by turning any mobile phone into an electronic funds account, allowing service providers to target both banked and unbanked users. It can be easily and quickly adapted to a variety of specific needs. Embedded API’s enable integration with other wallet services such as Google Wallet (TM) and PayPal (TM), and payment providers such as Western Union and MoneyGram.

What is in our offer?

With this versatile, scalable solution in place, service providers can offer a broad spectrum of smart and practical branded services such as merchant purchases, remittance, bill payments and more. They will also be supported by comprehensive reports containing all settlement details.

Why GreenTel Mobile Money?

Your benefits:
  • Attract new customers and extend market reach
  • Unlock new revenue streams
  • Enhance end-user experience with more value-added services
  • Lower cash-distribution expenses
  • Accumulate customer data
  • Your customer benefits:
  • Gain access to convenient and secure mobile financial services
  • Greater ease of use; no need to carry cards/cash
  • Reduced risk and cost of holding cash