Long Numbers (0788 XXX XXX)

A long code is a simple alternative to using your personal mobile number which allows you to seamlessly send and receive messages. These are the quickest and cheapest dedicated virtual number solution. Depending on your region, they are also known as response numbers, virtual numbers or inbound numbers. Messages to a long code are usually treated as a standard SMS for the end user, making them widely used in a number of different mobile messaging campaigns.

  • Most effective dedicated virtual number solution
  • Select from our premium gold, silver or standard options to make your number more memorable
  • Brand your mobile campaigns by using the same long code each time.
  • Receive SMS replies through your custom branded long code.

How It Works


Given that virtual numbers are only associated with a single account, this also means that it can be used more flexibly than shared numbers can.

It can be used in advertising and anyone with that number can send a message directly.

Dedicated virtual numbers can also be used in combination with keywords to perform special functions that are not normally available using the Green Telecom shared pool number.

Text In

Virtual numbers are not limited to being used for receiving only replies to SMS: anyone can send an SMS directly to a dedicated number, and the message will display immediately in your account.

Dedicated virtual numbers come in two types, short codes (e.g. 15XXX) or long codes (full-length mobile numbers e.g. 0788 XXX XXX.)

Carrier support for different types of dedicated numbers varies by country.